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Welcome back! We are eager to see you for a brand new year of learning and memories.

Final Forms


We will have computers set up in the cafeteria for parents/guardians to fill out all forms on FinalForms during Smart Start. As a district, we are NO LONGER using paper forms for all students. All residential parent/guardians were sent an email from FinalForms. Included in the email was log-in information and directions for using the site. Please feel free to fill out the information on your own time or use the computer set up we will have at Smart Start. You will need direct access to your email account in order to fill out the forms. 

Please remember to bring all needed medical information with you to enter in the Emergency Medical form located on FinalForms. This information includes, but not limited to health history, medications, doctors and hospital contact information, etc. 

Please check your email and your spouse's email for the Final Forms email that was previously sent to every household. If you did not receive a FinalForms email, please call our secretaries at EES and they can update that for you. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our building secretaries:  for 2nd and 3rd grades call Kathy Johns at 513-867-7430 extension 3236, for 4th and 5th grades please call Sharon Collins at 513-867-7430 extension 1088.