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Inspiring Minds Together!   Inspiring Minds Together!   Inspiring Minds Together!   Inspiring Minds Together!
Stay Safe Speak Up!
1st Responders

Honoring our 1st Responders

First Responders

Honoring our 1st Responders


Our Character Trait Mascots

Bike trip

Annual 5th Grade Bike Trip

reading in class

Solving Dr. Seuss puzzles 

Having fun
Playing outside

A perfect day for playing outside

Food Service team

Our friendly "Lunch Ladies"

Our helpful Custodians

Our hardworking custodians

Field day

Field Day with friends!

secretaries at EES

Our wonderful school secretaries

Mission Nutrition

"Mission Nutrition" at EES

GIrls on the run team
mr.baker Breakfast of honor
breakfast of Honor
gentleman saluting the American Flag
Fifth Grade Buddies
Edgewood Elementary School
EES Playground

PTO Meeting

Time: 6 PM – 7 PM
Location: Babeck Early Childhood Center, 100 Maple Ave., Trenton
Sep 27
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Bookmobile Visits EES

It was a perfect day to read outside. Thanks to our MidPointe Library partners for including EES on their Bookmobile schedule this week.
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Honoring our First Responders

EES students and staff honored our community's 1st Responders on September 11. We are so grateful for their selfless commitment to keep all of us safe. Check out the pictures from this special event for our brave men and women.
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Getting a Chance to Spend our PBIS House Points

The kickoff of our new Character Traits was just a week or so ago but our students have quickly embraced these traits and are being recognized and rewarded for their actions. Whenever they demonstrate one of our desired Character Traits (Honesty, Kindness, Acceptance, Determination, or Bravery) they earn a PBIS House point. The can use their earned points towards the "purchase" of fun items from our PBIS House Store. Here's a photo of our PBIS House Store in action!
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Introducing Our New Character Traits

Our EES students had a great time learning about our 5 new Character Traits during the first student assembly of the school year. These traits reinforce our positive behaviors: Honesty, Kindness, Acceptance, Determination & Bravery. They had a great time watching skits performed by our teachers and a few helpful dancers! (Watch the 2 videos at the end of the page below for a great example of one of these skits)! These skits helped to better explain what each of our new Character Traits mean. Each of these reflect the positive behaviors we want our students to live by! Mrs. Halsey and Mr. Sigmon also reviewed our 4 Expectations (Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe, & Be Together). These are use these on the bus, in the hallways and classroom as well as anywhere outside of school. Students even had a chance to put these expectations to practice on the bus on Friday. It was a great way to reinforce how these expectations really make a difference and shows respect for each other.
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Medication Permit Information for Students

A medication permit form will need to be completed for the 2018-2019 school year for any prescription and non-prescription medication that needs to be taken by a student while at school. This permit must be completed by the student's parent and physician.
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We've Updated our Back-To-School "Frequently Asked Questions"

Since we posted our original Back-to-School FAQ, we've received several more questions. So we created an updated version. The new questions have been added to the beginning of the document and are highlighted for your reference. We've also retained all the questions from the original FAQ.
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Updated Student Handbook

The 2018-2019 Student Handbook has been posted on our school website. Please download and read as it has newly updated information concerning our district's policies and procedures.
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Back-To-School "Frequently Asked Questions"

A "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) has been provided to help answer many of your questions about the upcoming school year. Information about Class Lists, Open House events, bus routes and arrangements, school menus, communications and more have been provided.
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Enhancing Blackboard Communications from Edgewood

Edgewood uses the Blackboard system as our primary communication tool for notifying our parents, students and staff about upcoming events, activities, student attendance, as well as crisis communications. These communications are issued as emails, text messages and/or phone calls, based on an individual's preference. As part of our safety and security strategy, we use the Blackboard system, in addition to our website (www.edgewoodschools.com) and our district's Facebook page (facebook.com/EdgewoodCitySchools), to issue crisis communication.
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