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Enhancing Blackboard Communications from Edgewood

 Over the past several weeks, we have experienced a significant increase in our crisis communications. We want to ensure we are giving these types of communications top priority during the school day. We've received feedback, however, there are so many different types of communications issued through our Blackboard system, at varying times of the day, that our crisis communications are being overlooked.

For this reason, we are going to restrict the types of communications that are issued on Blackboard during the school day (7am- 5pm) to the following:
  • Crisis communications (examples: threats, lockdowns, etc)
  • Inclement weather notifications (examples: early dismissals, cancellation of events, etc)
  • Time-sensitive communications (examples: daily attendance calls to parents, bus changes, etc)
All other approved communication requests (examples: fundraisers, sign-up dates for sports, etc) will be supported, but they will be held until 5pm for issuance.

By putting this strategy in place, we are able to give greater attention to any time sensitive or crisis communications ensuring our parents, students, and staff don't miss any important information.